Product Announcements

Calendar Enhancement: Project Titles Now In Calendar & Team Views

June 24, 2024

Project titles are now visible on both Calendar and Team View tasks. This allows users to instantly identify which project each task is associated with, without the need to click into each task. This new enhancement in your CoSchedule Calendar provides you with a clearer overview of your marketing projects at a glance.

See All Your Project Details From The Calendar View

Project details now include project titles on the Calendar for improved visibility. Get a clearer view and immediate access to all your project details without having to open a task.

Get Better Visibility Of Team Projects

Now with easier visibility of projects and tasks on the Team View, it’s easier for your team to track progress and collaborate effectively. This improvement is tailored to boost overall efficiency and ensure seamless communication across your team.

Available in: Free Calendar, Social Calendar, Content Calendar, Marketing Suite, Agency Calendar