Product Announcements

Projects Update: Introducing New & Improved Project Cards

December 18, 2019

The Projects on your Calendar have a new look, so you can see the most important project details at a glance.  Now Project cards include:
  • Tags - get a quick view of all the tags on every project.  
  • Descriptions - review short project descriptions to share additional context for specific projects.
  • Color Label Name - get the color label name alongside your color label; no need to memorize the key to know what every color label means.  
  • Status - review the real-time status on any project to see if it is in draft, scheduled or published. 
These Project cards are updated across CoSchedule. Find new Project cards on your Marketing Calendar, *Idea Board, *Kanban Project Dashboard, *Team Management Dashboard, and in search.  *Access to these features varies by plan. Visit your Marketing Calendar to check it out. 

Available in: Individual, Startup, Growth, Professional, Enterprise