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Q4 2023: New Social Media Integrations Now In CoSchedule Calendars

December 6, 2023
Monthly Recap

In case you missed it, there are 3 brand-new social media integrations now available in CoSchedule Calendars.  Now you can connect your accounts to plan, schedule, and publish social messages to:

Youtube Shorts 

When you publish videos to YouTube Shorts, you can customize your title, tags, categories, and other key meta data without leaving your CoSchedule Calendar.YouTube Shorts allows you to post short-form content with less editing compared to your channel's main content while still growing your main YouTube channel’s reach.


With CoSchedule Calendars, you can now plan, schedule, & publish to all your favorite Mastodon servers from one place. Mastodon allows you to post content to servers related to the topics you find important. Easily find servers your team can connect with and find the right audience


Post content to one of CoSchedule’s most highly requested platform integrations. With TikTok publishing, you can reach a vast audience with simple, short-form videos.Simplify your social media management process. Bring together all your social channels with CoSchedule’s Social Calendar. Learn more in our support docs. Login to your Calendar to connect your accounts to start scheduling today! Or create your Free Calendar to start scheduling on these platforms along with the rest of your social messages (and projects) in a single tool.