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Referral Program: Invite Your Friends, Get CoSchedule For Free

August 21, 2020

Get rewarded for proclaiming your love for CoSchedule! ?   CoSchedule’s referral program is now available for both Blog Calendar and Marketing Calendar customers.  Receive 10% off your Blog Calendar or Marketing Calendar subscription for each paying customer you refer. To start saving on CoSchedule, share your custom referral link with anyone who may be interested in Blog Calendar or Marketing Calendar.  Not sure where to share your link? Here are some ideas:
  • Social media: Post your referral link to your social media accounts. This is the easiest way to earn referral credits!
  • Email: Invite your friends or subscribers to CoSchedule. Use our friendly email template that includes your referral code.
  • Email Signature: Place your referral link into your email signature and get referral credits from friends you email.
  • Blog Banner: Add your link to a graphic you embed on your website to get referral credits from your readers!
  • Blog Post or Video Description: Publish a review of Blog Calendar or Marketing Calendar and include your referral link to reap the biggest savings. You’ll earn 50% off for writing a review, plus 10% for every referral!
Visit the referral program from your billing page in CoSchedule to copy your custom referral link, learn answers to frequently asked questions & find resources for writing a review. **The referral program is only available for Blog Calendar & Marketing Calendar customers. Only owners & admins have access to the referral program page. Contact our helpful support team if you have questions.

Available in: Blog Calendar, Marketing Calendar