Product Announcements

Support Center: Access Live Chat, Help Docs & Best Practices In CoSchedule

September 18, 2019

Are you a new customer setting up your Marketing Calendar? Or are you wondering how you should setup your project workflows in task templates?  Find the answers to these questions while you work in CoSchedule's new, in-app support center.  In the support center, you’ll find: 
  • Power Tips: Learn how real teams use CoSchedule’s most powerful features, so you can get inspired about using them for your team. 
  • Get Support: Have questions about something specific? Search for the answers in our help docs. 
  • Chat With Us: Want to talk to our support team? Try out our live chat. 
  • Email Support: Looking for additional support? Contact our support team via email. 
Now you can find the answers you need quickly, so you can get back to work with CoSchedule!  To find the Support Center, look for the ? mark in the upper right-hand corner,  next to your notifications bell icon.

Available in: Individual, Startup, Growth, Professional, Enterprise