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What’s New in Blog Calendar: September 2020 Video Update

September 3, 2020
Monthly Recap

Sync Social Messages Between Buffer & CoSchedule Now you can automatically sync your social messages from Buffer to CoSchedule, so you can have complete visibility of your planned social content on your CoSchedule calendar. CoSchedule's Buffer Integration also lets you:
  • Edit & create social messages directly from your calendar and publish them via Buffer.
  • Add your Buffer messages to ReQueue to instantly reshare your best social messages again & again.
  • And publish directly to your Instagram business account via Buffer.
For more details, see the Buffer enhancement announcement. Write a Review & Earn 50% Off CoSchedule Do you love CoSchedule? You can now earn up to 50% off your subscription through our review program. Write and publish a review on your blog or video channel to earn a discount for the entire year. Share how you use CoSchedule to schedule content, gain visibility into projects, and organize your marketing in one place. Go to your billing page in CoSchedule to learn review guidelines & find helpful resources such as talking points, logo, images, and videos. Invite Your Friends, Get CoSchedule For Free You can also save on CoSchedule by sharing a referral link for Blog Calendar. Add your custom referral link to your social media, email, or blog. You’ll receive 10% off your subscription for each paying customer you refer! Find & copy your custom referral link. Want to maximize your savings? Write a review AND share a referral link to earn up to 100% off your subscription! If you have any questions about the product updates in this video, contact for help. Stay tuned for more updates in next month’s recap video.