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The Top 5 Product Updates of 2020 for Marketing Suite

December 4, 2020
Monthly Recap

This month’s “What’s New” update is a countdown of the Top 5 new product updates & features added to CoSchedule Marketing Suite in 2020. 5. Create & Share Marketing Campaign Reports The newest report in analytics helps you provide your stakeholders with a high-level report of your marketing campaigns in an easy-to-read spreadsheet or PDF.  Create reports to confirm your marketing campaigns align with company goals. Add filters to build reports for marketing campaigns from the last year, the last quarter, a specific project owner, a specific color label, and more! Check out this power tip for ideas & inspiration for using Marketing Campaign Reports. Or, read the announcement for more details. 4. New Integration: Microsoft 365 If you use Microsoft 365 and you haven’t connected it yet, this update is for you.  With your Microsoft 365 integration, you can add any content or files from 365 to any project, discussion, or social messages in CoSchedule Marketing Suite.  You can also create new documents using Office 365 programs like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint – without leaving your calendar. Learn more about the Microsoft 365 integration. 3. New Integration: Calendar ICS Sync This integration automatically imports & syncs all events from any ICS Calendar into CoSchedule.  Add your favorite calendars, like national holidays or public awareness days, to spark ideas for new content. You can also sync company calendars to keep all of your company events and time-off calendars organized alongside your marketing. For more details, see the Calendar ICS Sync announcement. 2. Manage Projects Anywhere with the Mobile App The CoSchedule mobile app isn't just for social messages anymore. With the mobile upgrades, you can edit & update key project details even when you’re on the go.  Get total visibility into your planned projects and stay on top of your upcoming tasks to confirm you’re working on the right priorities. Use the CoSchedule mobile app to manage tasks, projects or marketing campaigns. Keep your projects moving forward, wherever you are! 1. Recurring Project & Marketing Campaign Templates Now, CoSchedule Owners & Admins can create reusable templates for their teams’ most frequently used projects and marketing campaigns. Instead of duplicating or recreating projects from scratch, any user on your team can apply a template and build out entire projects in seconds. In addition, you can set any project template, marketing campaign template, calendar event or standalone task on a recurring schedule. CoSchedule will add these repeating projects to your calendar for you – saving you TONS of time on project management & planning. For more details, read the announcements for Project Templates and Marketing Campaign Templates. Or, check out this power tip for Project Templates. Honorable Mention: New Guides & Training Courses In 2020, we published several new guides & training courses to help you & your team become Marketing Suite Power Users. Check out our new guides that are packed with best practices, tutorials, & tips for using Marketing Suite. They're great to share when a new team member joins your team. Or review them to brush up on your CoSchedule Marketing Suite best practices.  If you’re in a role where social media is on your list of responsibilities, check out our new ReQueue guide to learn how to automate your social strategy using ReQueue.  All of these user guides are available on our website, as a downloadable PDF, or as a free video course in CoSchedule Academy. Check out the guides at the links below: Honorable Mention: Request an Integration Finally, you can now request an integration for your CoSchedule calendar. Scroll to the bottom of the integrations catalog to request an integration or vote for others’ submissions. Your feedback lets our team know what integrations you want to see! Go to your integrations catalog to request & vote for integrations. As always, if you have questions, please contact your Customer Success Manager for resources, tips, & training. Or contact our helpful support team at for assistance. Have a great new year!