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How This Marketing Agency Drives Social Media Growth For 16 Franchisee Clients

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Amp My Brand craved simplification. With 16 franchisee clients and 37 social media profiles to manage, the agency spent valuable time jumping between tools. Content creation was challenging and client review happened at the last minute. After unifying their social media in Marketing Suite, the team creates and schedules 120+ posts each week for all 16 franchisees.

Key Outcomes

  • With newly simplified social media management, the team saves time while crafting and scheduling over 120 unique posts per week.
  • They can now work on projects a full month in advance, giving them extra time for crucial client review & revisions.
  • The team can easily manage 37 social media accounts for 16 franchisee clients while letting them each choose their content.

Challenge: Tool-jumping wasted valuable time + prevented team and client growth

Before Marketing Suite, Amp My Brand attempted to manage clients’ social media profiles using several tools. Content creation was time-consuming. Client review was labor-intensive. The team struggled to take on a higher capacity of work while poising franchisees for growth.  

Solution: One central location for more efficient content development + delivery 

After implementing Marketing Suite, Amp My Brand centralized their social media efforts in one place. They could efficiently create unique content for each client, make revisions, and publish directly in the platform. And they could easily track projects and support franchisee growth.

Amp My Brand's Social Organization Before CoSchedule and After CoSchedule

Outcome: Simplified social media management with less chaos, more control

The team now produces 120+ weekly social posts in less time. They can take on more work 30 days in advance, giving them time for crucial client review and revisions. And 16 franchisees each have the ability to control their own content–and grow where opportunities arise.

“Marketing Suite allows us to give our clients complete control over their social media content. That’s unique. It’s critical to the strategic, long-term success of our company and gives us a competitive advantage.”

Sarah Donnell,
President of Amp My Brand

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