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How This 6-Person Marketing Team Delivers 13x More Monthly Projects On Time

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Blue Medora has experienced incredible company growth of 80% year over year. But their 6-person marketing team struggled to adjust to that growth and complete an increasing number of projects on time. After a year of using Marketing Suite by CoSchedule, the team went from completing 5 projects to 66 projects on time per month. That’s 13x more projects delivered on time.

Key Outcomes

  • 6 marketers increased the number of projects they completed on time from 5 to 66 each month. That’s 13x more projects delivered on time.
  • Each marketer on the team now completes 11 projects per month instead of just 1 project per month.
  • The team strengthened relationships with company leadership, who can now see when the team is overworked and hire accordingly.

Challenge: Rapid company growth led to majority of missed deadlines

As Blue Medora grew their business by 80% each year, their small marketing team struggled to manage workloads. 4 out of 5 of their project deadlines slipped past. The team ran at max capacity but didn’t have the resources to justify a hiring need to leadership.

Solution: Consolidated project management = more productive time

After replacing tools like emails and spreadsheets with Marketing Suite, the Blue Medora team maximized their productivity. They could distribute team resources more efficiently, eliminate bottlenecks on projects, and complete more projects on time.

Blue Medora Tasks Completed On Time

Outcome: 13x more projects are completed on time each month

The team grew their number of monthly projects completed on time from 5 to 66. They reduced their overdue projects by a third. And company leadership now has the resources to make strategic hiring decisions when the team is overworked.

“Marketing Suite helps me easily see what’s on each person’s plate and shift or re-prioritize workloads when necessary.”

Moria Fredrickson, Blue Medora

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