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Customer Story

How This Charity Promotes Over 400 Historic Sites On 100+ Social Channels

English Heritage

English Heritage is a non-profit charity that cares for over 400 historic buildings, monuments, and sites across England. This includes historic palaces, houses, hill figures, castles, abbeys, industrial sites, Roman forts, and deserted medieval villages.

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Hospitality & Tourism

Company Size

2,177 Employees

Size of Marketing Team

105 Employees

Social Media Marketing Manager

Martin Jefferies

Features Highlighted

Social Campaigns, Saved Calendar Views, ReQueue, Social Campaign Reports

The English Heritage social team is responsible for promoting visitation, events, history, and news for over 400 historic sites throughout England. The oversight and strategy for 100+ social channels is no small task.

The team juggles multiple campaigns, contributors, stakeholders, and goals when creating and reviewing content. Before CoSchedule, they had a very limited view of their social promotion plan and relied heavily on native scheduling.

Since switching to CoSchedule, English Heritage can…

Unify The Organization’s Social Strategy + Refine Messages In Real-Time

With so many social properties to oversee, the marketing team needed an easy, efficient way to see what was happening across their entire social footprint.

“Keeping track of everything before CoSchedule was a bit of a nightmare,” says Martin Jefferies – Social Media Marketing Manager at English Heritage.

With contributors spread across the country, it became increasingly difficult to ensure every post accurately represented the brand. Which meant much of Martin’s time was spent on quality assurance.

“If I wanted to see what was going out, I had to manually click through every page to see what was natively scheduled. It was not sustainable.”

Martin Jefferies

Social Media Marketing Manager

“If I wanted to see what was going out, I had to manually click through every page to see what was natively scheduled. It was not sustainable.” Martin Jefferies, Social Media Marketing Manager at English Heritage.

Now that everything gets scheduled in CoSchedule, it’s easy to review messages before they’re published.

“If I see there’s a regional marketing team that may need a little training or support, I can see because I have access to this bird’s eye view. Before that I might not be aware of those things until content’s gone out,” continues Martin.

Using the calendar view, gives Martin visibility into every social message scheduled across an entire timeframe; making it easier to manage campaign messaging, cadence, and quality.

Maintain A Consistent Social Schedule With Intelligent Automation

Fortunately history never changes, which means English Heritage has a website full of evergreen content to share.

To maximize their existing content and save time, the team uses ReQueue to automate some of their social strategy.

“Our team is extremely pressed for time. We can come in on a Monday morning, add 20 messages to ReQueue, and CoSchedule takes care of it!” – Martin Jefferies.

They’ve created intelligent groups to promote blog posts, volunteering, membership, free sites, and more. Automating social media gives the team room to breathe when things get busy.

“We don’t have to worry about scheduling, CoSchedule just does it for us. It’s a huge, huge timesaver.”

Martin Jefferies

Social Media Marketing Manager

Provide Visibility + Custom Reports For Internal Stakeholders

English Heritage collaborates with many internal stakeholders. To stay organized, the social team assigns color labels to every message and campaign for each stakeholder group – PR, Curatorial, Sites and Events, etc.  

“Stakeholders want a snapshot of everything that’s going on for their team. Creating that manually was an awful lot of work.”

 “On a weekly basis, we share everything we’re doing through personalized stakeholder reports. If we didn’t have a tool like CoSchedule, those reports would be impossible.” Martin Jefferies.

They can also quickly share performance updates throughout the campaign using custom, segmented reporting within CoSchedule’s social campaign reports.

“I can pull insights quickly for stakeholders. They want to see how their campaign is ticking along, and the reporting at the campaign and channel levels is really useful for us.”

With CoSchedule’s read-only campaign links, saved calendar views, and customer reporting the social team at English Heritage has been able to establish trust with internal stakeholders, improve interdepartmental collaboration, and save tons of time.

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