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How This Global Brand Transformed Complex, Multi-Tool Marketing Into A Simplified Workflow

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With multiple tools in their marketing stack, the Graebel marketing team was completing projects–but the process was complex. A variety of emails, spreadsheets, and documents slowed them down. After implementing Marketing Suite by CoSchedule, the team created a simplified workflow to easily complete 100+ annual projects and provide extra visibility to stakeholders.

Key Outcomes

  • Team members strengthened communication + collaboration after simplifying their marketing stack from 4+ tools to just one.
  • Because workloads are now transparent, 20 marketers can easily complete more than 100 projects and 50 campaigns each year.
  • The team is now equipped to efficiently plan next year’s projects in advance and share their calendar with stakeholders.

Challenge: Multiple marketing tools made project management overly complex

Before they started using Marketing Suite, the Graebel marketing team completed their projects by using several different marketing tools. But the team was proactively looking for a way to manage over 50 annual campaigns and 100 annual projects more efficiently.

Solution: New team processes sparked a better, more effective way to work

After implementing Marketing Suite, the Graebel team was able to create specific workflows for each type of project on their calendar. They could set clear expectations ahead of time, centralize communication in one place, and plan major projects far in advance.

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Outcome: Proactive planning, efficient workflows, and better visibility

Now the team has simplified all their marketing efforts in one place. They use the Suite to communicate clearly, manage workloads easily, and complete over 100 projects + 50 campaigns each year. And they can efficiently share them with key stakeholders.

“Our team is always looking for a better way to work. With Marketing Suite, communication is centralized. So for each project, we have everything we need right there in one spot.”

Joey Ham, Vice President of Global Marketing & Communications at Graebel

Joey Ham,
Vice President of Global Marketing & Communications

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