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Laerdal’s Global Marketing Team Increased Visibility By Centralizing Their Marketing Efforts with Marketing Suite by CoSchedule

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The Laerdal Medical marketing team lacked a central place to view and manage their marketing content and projects. Multiple marketing tools and communication channels made it difficult to plan and prioritize projects. After centralizing their projects in Marketing Suite, the Laerdal team brought increased visibility and organization to their marketing process. All while meeting internal company goals.

Key Outcomes

  • After organizing all their marketing projects in Marketing Suite, the team simplified + clarified their project management process.
  • 20 marketing team members can now easily plan content in advance, prioritize projects, and redistribute tasks when needed.
  • The team is empowered to adapt their marketing content for a global audience and ensure content meets company goals.

Challenge: Lack of a central project management hub resulted in decreased visibility

Before Marketing Suite, the Laerdal team managed marketing projects using multiple tools like spreadsheets and emails. They lacked a central project management hub. That made it difficult for the team to distribute projects globally and ensure their content was meeting company goals.

Solution: One centralized hub for clear + proactive marketing project management

After implementing Marketing Suite as a single source of truth, Laerdal brought increased clarity to their project management process. All 20 marketers could see all of their teammates’ projects in one place. And they could easily plan workflows and redistribute tasks as needed.

Laerdal uses CoSchedule to plan and prioritize in one place.

Outcome: Elevated visibility, advanced project planning, globally adapted content

Laerdal has boosted organization and visibility across their marketing team. They can now plan, prioritize, and create content in advance while ensuring their projects meet overall company goals. Now they can easily adapt their content to meet the needs of a global audience.

“With Marketing Suite, we can show that our work as a marketing team matters by tying it into company goals.”

Erin Koschei from Laerdal

Erin Koschei,
Digital Marketer

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