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How This University Marketing Team Proved Value Through Increased Visibility

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Established for only 3 years, Lamar University’s marketing team was faced with the challenge of bringing visibility and growth to the school. All while juggling campaigns for 100+ university programs. After switching to Marketing Suite by CoSchedule, they unified all campaigns in one place, delivered 10x more projects, and proved marketing value to managers through increased visibility.

Key Outcomes

  • 15 marketers now plan and execute 10x more projects per month for over 100 programs across the university in one calendar.
  • The team efficiently shares project and campaign updates customized for specific university departments, directors, and managers.
  • The team doubled their social media reach and impressions, connecting with twice as many students as before.

Challenge: Disorganized marketing resulted in missed opportunities

Before Marketing Suite, Lamar University’s 15 marketers all used different processes and tools to handle a high volume of projects. Marketing chaos made it nearly impossible for the team to meet deadlines, promote quality content for departments, or help the university reach its goals.

Solution: Unified project management led to better collaboration + content

After using the Suite for a year, the team progressed from fielding just 5 projects a month to 50. They created and shared custom Marketing Calendars with department heads who needed to see them. And they optimized the type and timing of social media content they shared.

Lamar University Fielded Project Requests

Outcome: Improved deliverability, enhanced visibility, and double the reach

Now the team delivers 10x more projects while ensuring messaging meets the university’s goals. Managers can see exactly which marketing tasks they complete and when they complete them. And they’ve boosted the university’s visibility with double the social media reach.

“With Marketing Suite, I can share custom views with specific departments, giving them a quick snapshot on what matters to them.”

Bri Gore, Lamar University

Bri Gore,
Social Media Manager

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