Press Release

CoSchedule Launches Hire Mia: A New AI-Writing Assistant for Marketers

The newest product from CoSchedule empowers teams to scale content output with an easy-to-use AI-powered assistant. BISMARCK, ND, February 27, 2024—CoSchedule, the leading provider of marketing calendar software, announced the launch of its newest product, Hire Mia. Hire Mia is an AI-powered writing assistant designed to help marketers create high-quality, on-brand content at scale. Hire Mia assists teams with various tasks including idea generation, writing, editing, and more. "Many people know they should integrate AI into their workflows, but it can be overwhelming to know where to start," said Garrett Moon, CoSchedule CEO. "Hire Mia is not just a tool; it's a partner that understands the types of content you need to create which delivers better results than ChatGPT or other AI writing assistants." Hire Mia features Brand Profiles to analyze and fine-tune brand voice. The built-in AI-powered Editor is equipped with a range of features to enhance quality, including tone analysis, style suggestions, and grammar improvements. It also offers real-time collaboration capabilities, allowing teams to work together with Mia on content creation. Unlike other AI Writing Tools, Hire Mia can create multiple assets from a single prompt which makes it simple to create campaign content. It's also great for those new to AI, as it features a robust AI Prompt Library. "Our users love the AI Prompt Libraries, which allow new users to experience better results with AI. Our library is one of the most extensive collections of prompt templates in the industry, with over 500+ prompts. We're committed to expanding these libraries to cater to diverse professional roles, including HR, Sales, among others, to ensure our users have the most comprehensive tools at their disposal," said Moon. Users can create a Hire Mia account free today. In addition, users can upgrade to Creator, Pro, or Business Plans to access more AI revision credits, add additional brand profiles, unlock advanced training modules, and invite their team. For more information about Hire Mia or create a free account, visit: About CoSchedule CoSchedule is the industry's leading provider of content calendar, content optimization, and marketing education products. Over 100,000+ marketers use CoSchedule products worldwide, helping them organize their work, deliver projects on time, and prove marketing value. Recognized with accolades from Inc. 5000, Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, and G2Crowd, CoSchedule continues to grow as one of the most valued companies highly recommended by its customers.