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CoSchedule Launches Mia, An AI-Powered Marketing Intelligence Assistant

PRESS RELEASE: CoSchedule Launches Mia, A New AI-Powered Marketing Intelligence Assistant Mia is an AI-powered Marketing Assistant designed to help marketers generate ideas, draft copy, & improve workflows. Available in CoSchedule Marketing Suite and Marketing Calendar Pro. BISMARCK, June 13, 2023 - CoSchedule launched an AI-powered Marketing Assistant for Marketing Calendar Pro & Marketing Suite customers.  Marketing Intelligence Assistant, known as Mia for short, helps marketers instantly generate new project ideas, write first-draft copy, and break through writer's block. “Think of Mia as a marketing sidekick for you & your team,” said Garrett Moon, Co-Founder, and CEO of CoSchedule. “For marketers, creating content quickly makes it easier to scale. With Mia, you can generate new ideas & first-draft copy in less time. Mia helps teams field more requests, create more content, and overcome writer’s block.” With Mia, marketers can streamline workflows, save time, and enhance the quality of their content.  “Marketers are already using ChatGPT and AI tools to scale content creation. By integrating AI into our products, we can bring process and content creation together in one place,” said Moon. “The benefits are endless, and it makes writing copy and generating creative ideas quick and easy.” With Mia, projects can get completed up to 10x faster than usual, making room for more projects and relieving time in your schedule. Mia is available in Marketing Suite and Marketing Calendar Pro plans.  For more details about Mia, visit:  About CoSchedule CoSchedule is the marketing industry’s leading provider of content calendar, content optimization, and marketing education products. Its dynamic family of agile marketing management products serves more than 50,000 marketers worldwide, helping them organize their work, deliver projects on time, and prove marketing team value. Collectively, CoSchedule products empower nearly 100,000 marketers to complete more high-quality work in less time. As recognized with accolades from Inc. 5000, Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, and G2Crowd, CoSchedule is one of the fastest-growing and most valued companies its customers recommend. PR Contact Garrett Moon