Press Release

CoSchedule Launches Two New AI-Powered Marketing Calendars

BISMARCK, August 3, 2023- CoSchedule, a leading marketing software solutions provider, announces the launch of two new products: Content Calendar and Social Calendar.  These innovative AI-powered marketing calendars are designed to improve the way marketers plan, organize, and execute their marketing strategies.  Social Calendar simplifies social media management. With this product, marketing professionals can create, schedule, publish, & measure social performance in a single calendar. Content Calendar is a more robust solution designed to help marketing teams get organized and complete more work. Content Calendar includes key features marketing teams need including Marketing Campaigns, Kanban Board, social publishing, project tracking, reporting, and more.  Both calendars include CoSchedule’s AI-Powered Marketing Intelligence Assistant, Mia. With Mia, marketers can integrate AI into their workflows to create first-draft copy, generate new ideas, and write social messages in seconds. Mia is available in CoSchedule’s existing Marketing Suite Plans, as well. “We believe the introduction of our AI-powered Calendars will empower marketing teams to complete more work without sacrificing quality,” says Garrett Moon, Co-Founder and CEO of CoSchedule. “Our hope is that marketers can embrace AI to help with ideation, overcome writer’s block, and spend less time on tedious tasks.”  For more details about CoSchedules products, visit:    About CoSchedule  CoSchedule is the marketing industry’s leading provider of content calendar, content optimization, and marketing education products. Our mission is to provide marketers with tools and training that are uniquely helpful, fun to use, and consistently punch above their weight. Since 2013, CoSchedule has helped over 50,000+ marketers around the world get organized with our products including CoSchedule’s Social Calendar, Content Calendar, Marketing Suite, Headline Studio, and Actionable Marketing Institute.   PR Contact  Garrett Moon