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CoSchedule Publishes 2022 Trend Report On Marketing Strategy

BISMARCK, N.D., APRIL 14, 2022 — CoSchedule, the marketing industry's leading provider of content calendar, content optimization, and marketing education products, recently launched their 4th edition of the Trend Report: Marketing Strategy. CoSchedule surveyed over 500 marketers worldwide to uncover trends in Marketing Strategy and identified key habits that make modern marketers successful. The survey found that marketers who are organized, plan ahead, and set goals are more likely to be successful than those that do not.  The full report dives deeper into the top seven trends for successful marketers. “With remote teams and less predictability in 2022, organization and processes are more important now than ever before,” said Nathan Ellering, Head of Marketing at CoSchedule. “In this edition, we've also included actionable resources and tools to help marketers integrate these findings into their work and drive better results in 2022.”  The 2022 Trend Report: Marketing Strategy combines the survey findings with free resources to help marketers achieve their goals, including CoSchedule’s forever-free Marketing Calendar. CoSchedule’s full 2022 Trend Report: Marketing Strategy is available here “The findings continue to reinforce how important it is for marketers to plan ahead, get organized, & stay agile as things change,” said Ellering. “The data can help marketers gain insight into how to be more successful and achieve better results in 2022.”   About CoSchedule CoSchedule is the marketing industry’s leading provider of content calendar, content optimization, and marketing education products. Its dynamic family of agile marketing management products serve more than 50,000 marketers worldwide, helping them organize their work, deliver projects on time, and prove marketing team value. Collectively, CoSchedule products empower nearly 100,000 marketers to complete more high-quality work in less time. As recognized with accolades from Inc. 5000, Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, and G2Crowd, CoSchedule is one of the fastest-growing and most valued companies its customers recommend.  To learn more about CoSchedule, visit, and to join the team, visit