Press Release

Hire Mia Adds Brand Profiles To Help Users Generate Better On-Brand AI-Content

CoSchedule’s newest product, Hire Mia, now includes Brand Profiles which allow users to define their brand voice, implement style rules, and create better AI-generated content.   Bismarck, ND, March 25, 2024 - CoSchedule is proud to announce the launch of Hire Mia’s newest feature - Brand Profiles. The AI-Writing Assistant Software by CoSchedule now has Brand Profiles to analyze a company’s brand voice, so users can produce better on-brand content with AI.  “If you’re using AI to help draft content, you want it to sound like you wrote it,” said Garrett Moon, CoSchedule CEO. “With Brand Profiles in Hire Mia, you can keep your brand voice consistent across all of your AI-generated content.” Utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, users can build Brand Profiles to customize the voice Hire Mia uses to create content. This ensures every piece generated using AI requires fewer revisions to meet brand standards. With Brand Profiles, users can train Hire Mia based on content from their website, blog, or social profile. Once Mia analyzes a URL to create an initial brand voice, users can fine-tune results by defining content creation rules, word exclusions, brand phrases, and many other tools.  Users can add multiple Brand Profiles as needed depending on their current Hire Mia plan. For more information about Hire Mia or to create a free account, visit About CoSchedule CoSchedule is the industry's leading provider of content calendar, content optimization, and marketing education products. Over 100,000+ marketers use CoSchedule products worldwide, helping them organize their work, deliver projects on time, and prove marketing value. Recognized with accolades from Inc. 5000, Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, and G2Crowd, CoSchedule continues to grow as one of the most valued companies highly recommended by its customers. CoSchedule products include: CoSchedule Calendars, Headline Studio, Hire Mia, and Actionable Marketing Institute. Learn more about Hire Mia today.