Product Announcements

Add to Assets: Quickly Save Project Files To Specific Folders In Asset Organizer

October 30, 2019

Save files to specific folders in Asset Organizer while you add them to your projects. Upload logos, photos, videos, and other assets to your projects as you work on them.  Easily save them in specific folders in Asset Organizer, so you can: 
  • Reuse & repurpose files: make sure your team can find files that will be reused for related projects. For example: campaign logos, partner logos, promotional photos, etc. 
  • Share final deliverables: save final versions, so your internal departments can access the content they need to do their jobs. For example: sales decks, tearsheets, headshots, etc.
Now available for plans with Asset Organizer.  Don’t have Asset Organizer? Learn more.  

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