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CoSchedule’s AI Assistant Now Has Web Access To Deliver Real-Time Results

November 7, 2023

Mia just got smarter! Now CoSchedule’s Marketing Intelligence Assistant (Mia) can access the internet to help you research topics, summarize online content, and so much more! Now that Mia has web access, you can use Mia to help with even more marketing tasks, including: Ask Mia To Help With Research 
  • Find the latest surveys around {topic}. Include links to sources.  
  • List the main ideas from this blog post {link}.
  • Find new stats about {topic} to add to a blog post for {target audience}. Provide the sources in the results. 
  • Create a list of the top 5 posts about {keyword} on Google. Include links to results.
  • Compare {topic/product/company} and {topic/product/company}
Ask Mia To Summarize Content 
  • Write a summary of this blog post {link}.
  • Summarize the ideas in the top 5 blog posts around the keyword {keyword}.
  • Compare and summarize the differences between {product/company 1} and {product/company 2}
Ask Mia To Repurpose Content 
  • Repurpose this blog post as a newsletter {link}.
  • Write social messages for this blog post {link}.
  • Create 5 Facebook ad copy options to promote this product page {link}
Ask Mia To Help With SEO 
  • Find content gaps in this article {link}. It targets the keyword {keyword}.
  • Create a table of the top competitors for {topic} and the URLs to these sites. 
  • Create a list of 5 SEO keywords related to the following blog post {link}.
  • Write 10 SEO keywords related to {topic}.
Trouble getting started? Customize one of the prompts above or try one from CoSchedule’s AI Prompt Library.  You can find the Prompt Library when you create a Project on your CoSchedule Calendar. Explore the AI Prompt Library today. Don’t have a Calendar, yet? Create your free Calendar to get started.

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