Product Announcements

Bluesky Integration Now Available On CoSchedule Calendars

January 18, 2024

Now you can plan, schedule, and publish content to Bluesky from your CoSchedule Calendar. Bluesky is a decentralized social network that gives users the power to engage with topics of their interest. Connect with the people you want, on the things you like. When you schedule Bluesky content in CoSchedule, you can: 

Plan Your Entire Social Strategy In A Single Calendar

With your brand-new integration, you can schedule your Bluesky posts in advance along with the rest of your content in a single Calendar. 

Automatically Post Messages At The Right Time 

Eliminate tedious manual scheduling. Instead, use built-in best-time scheduling to ensure your posts are published at the optimal time for engagement.

Instantly Write Captions To Hook Your Audience 

Bust-through writer’s block. With CoSchedule’s AI-powered Social Assistant, you can generate Bluesky content ideas in seconds.

Review & Approve Content Before It Publishes 

With built-in task workflows, you can add required approvals to review messages before they go live. Ready to try CoSchedule’s new Bluesky integration? Here’s how to get started!
  1. Connect Your Bluesky Account 
  2. Create Your Message
  3. Schedule in Your Calendar 
  4. CoSchedule Publishes It For You!
Simplify your social media management process. Bring together all your social channels with CoSchedule’s Social Calendar. Learn more in our support doc. Login to your Calendar to connect your Bluesky account to start scheduling messages today! Or create your Free Calendar to start scheduling Bluesky content along with the rest of your social messages (and projects) in a single tool.

Available in: Blog Calendar, Marketing Calendar, Marketing Suite