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Calendar ICS Sync: Import Your Favorite Calendars In CoSchedule

May 7, 2020

Events can impact your marketing. In order to keep these important events top of mind, enable the Calendar ICS Sync Integration in CoSchedule. This integration automatically imports & syncs all events from any ICS Calendar in CoSchedule.  Sync your favorite calendars to review upcoming events alongside the rest of your marketing.  Add ICS calendars like:
  • National Holidays - Pull in all major holidays to create related content & identify out of office days easily. 
  • Public Awareness Days - Add niche holidays and public awareness days to inspire unique content ideas for your blog or social media. 
  • Employee Calendars - Review when your team will be out of the office to easily reassign work when vacations, maternity leave, and other time-off happens. 
  • Company Calendars - Keep all of your company events organized alongside your marketing to recognize anniversaries & historical 
  • And more! 
Want to add the integration? Admins & owners can enable the integration in CoSchedule. Need assistance? Check out our Help Doc or contact our support team at for assistance. 

Available in: Blog Calendar, Marketing Calendar, Marketing Suite