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Keep Your Content Compliant: Introducing Hire Mia’s Compliance Check Module

April 9, 2024

Hire Mia’s Compliance Check module ensures your AI-generated content meets legal, regulatory, and brand guidelines.  Compliance Check is available in Business & Sitewide plans. With Hire Mia’s new Compliance Check training module, you can:

Instantly Review Content As You Create It 

Hire Mia flags concerning copy in the Text Editor, so you can instantly apply compliance-approved suggestions.

Speed Up Your Internal Review Process

Run content through Compliance Check before you send it to your review team. Proactively correct necessary revisions to streamline the review process. 

Create Custom Compliance Rules For Your Business 

Have brand rules or compliance guidelines that are specific to your organization? You can build out custom compliance rules to flag non-compliant words or phrases in your content while providing brand-approved alternatives.

Apply Popular Regulatory Guidelines To Your Compliance Check 

Compliance check features a library of popular regulatory guidelines including HIPAA, FINRA, ECOA, GDPR, and more. Select the specific guidelines that apply to your business to confirm content meets industry standards. Compliance Check is available in Business & Sitewide plans.  If you’re interested in demoing Compliance Check, schedule a demo with an AI expert today.

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