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CoSchedule Launches AI Prompt Library With 500+ Marketer-Tested Prompts

October 16, 2023

With CoSchedule’s New AI Prompt Library, you can access over 500 marketer-approved AI prompts to generate ideas, bust-through writer’s block, and create first-draft copy in less time. 

Access 500+ Prompts To Get Started Fast

New to AI? CoSchedule’s AI Prompt Library includes over 500 marketing prompts to help you create high-quality content in less time.   

Customize Prompts With Natural Language Templates

Adding key details and direction to your prompts generates better results. Each prompt features a mad-lib style template, so you can easily personalize prompts to work for you.   

Confidently Use AI With Marketer-Approved Prompts

Every prompt in the library has been tried and tested by professional marketers, so you can produce more actionable responses.

Explore Templates For Every Stage Of Your Creative Process

CoSchedule’s AI Prompt Library includes templates to generate ideas, outlines, first-draft copy, social messages, ad copy, and so much more!  

Create Custom Prompts To Save For Projects

Create your own prompts to utilize and save for later projects. Custom Prompts save right to the AI Prompt Library for easy access. You can find the Prompt Library when you create a Project on your CoSchedule Calendar. Explore the AI Prompt Library today.  Don’t have a Calendar, yet? Create your free Calendar to get started.  The AI Prompt Library is available for Social Calendar, Content Calendar, and Marketing Suite plans.

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