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CoSchedule’s 2023 Year in Review

December 12, 2023
Monthly Recap

2023 was a big year for CoSchedule! We introduced tons of new features to make sure you can get more done in less time. From AI features to new social media integrations, take a look at our year in review.

Social Integrations: YouTube Shorts, Mastodon, And TikTok

YouTube Shorts, Mastodon, and TikTok are now integrated with your CoSchedule Calendar! With the addition of these social platforms, you can now reach more of your audience than ever before. Plan, schedule, and publish to these accounts from your CoSchedule Calendar along with your existing social platforms to create a foolproof marketing strategy for 2024.

Social Publishing For Instagram, Facebook, And LinkedIn

We’ve tailored platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to publish more photos and videos to better fit the content you are working on. Here is a breakdown of all publishing features added to each platform:


Direct publishing is available for Instagram Creator and Business Accounts connected to any CoSchedule Calendar. When you schedule messages for Instagram, you can choose how you want to publish your messages: direct publishing or publishing using push notifications. You can now add up to 10 photos on Instagram carousel posts to boost engagement. With CoSchedule’s new Reels and Stories scheduling feature, you can diversify your social strategy by posting multiple types of content. This ensures maximum engagement so you can reach your audience on a variety of platforms. Post Reels, Stories, Or Both!


You can now publish Reels on Facebook from your CoSchedule Calendar.


LinkedIn now supports video & multi-image posting. Post a video that’s up to 30 minutes or you can carousel images similar to Instagram.

The Return Of Twitter, Social Sync, And Social Analytics

And last for social integrations, Twitter, Social Sync, and Social Analytics are back this year! Track published messages all in one calendar and use social analytic reporting to simplify the process of collecting data and identifying trends from your social publishing.

New AI Features

CoSchedule’s Marketing Intelligence Assistant, Mia

We introduced CoSchedule’s Marketing Intelligence Assistant, Mia! Mia is an AI tool built by marketers, for marketers. Use Mia to write first-draft copy, generate new ideas, & upgrade your marketing workflows. 

AI Prompt Library

CoSchedule’s AI Prompt Library is the most comprehensive prompt library for marketers. It includes over 500 prompts to help you create high-quality content in less time. Use the prompt library to assist with any type of marketing project, from content marketing and public relations, to email marketing, video marketing, and everything in between. Go to your Marketing Assistant attachment in a project to start using prompts today!

AI Social Assistant

Within social messaging in your projects, AI Social Assistant can instantly draft social messages for you. With the help of AI, you can write messages tailored to meet best practices for each social network. That way you can maximize engagement, no matter the platform.

Calendar Enhancements To Improve Productivity

Table View

Use Table View in your calendar to instantly organize all the projects across your Marketing Calendar in a spreadsheet-style list. Sort projects by priority-level, company objectives, upcoming deadlines, & other key data to prioritize the right work at the right time. The user-friendly spreadsheet-style format clearly shows what marketing has completed & planned for the next month, quarter, & beyond.

CSV Exports

With CSV exporting, you and your team can easily share data with others and transfer data between software applications. By exporting data to a CSV file, you can manipulate, filter, and visualize your data in various ways to gain insights, identify trends, and make informed decisions.

Introducing Headline Studio 2.0

Headline Studio is now better than ever! Explore new features & updates to help you get more engagement from everything you publish.

Generate dozens of headline ideas in seconds with AI

Save time crafting the perfect headline with the AI-powered Headline Generator. Select the type of content you are writing and get results based on topic, audience, and tone.

Get custom reports by platform, like YouTube

Get feedback that's specifically tailored to meet best practices for various platforms, with suggestions based on word balance, word count, character balance, and more.

New Lower Cost Price Plans

New credit-based pricing now includes more plans and credit tiers than ever before, so you can choose the one that best fits your budget and needs. Get started with a forever-free plan and get 10 credits per month to generate and analyze headlines.
New AI, social, Calendar, and Headline Studio features are here to empower you and your team to have a successful 2024. A huge thanks from CoSchedule to everyone who made this year great! As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to our support team at