Product Announcements

Customize Your Marketing Suite Experience with Custom Fields

January 21, 2022

A new update to CoSchedule Marketing Suite allows users to utilize Custom Fields to further personalize their marketing workflow.  Users can now add various custom fields that will allow them to have the ultimate control over their marketing calendar. With custom fields, users will not have to worry about missing information, unnecessary emails, and messages. Located within the settings tab, Custom Fields offers users customization like never before. Create your own field with a variety of different entry forms to get the most information in an efficient, easy-to-understand manner.  Once you decide what form your custom field is using and what information it will be requesting, you can implement it into both Request Forms and Projects.  Project Types When editing the variety of project types, you can now add custom fields to a project to further customize projects to fit your needs.  Visit this Support Doc to learn more about using Custom Fields to customize your Project Types. Request Forms Request Forms are a new Marketing Suite add-on that allow teams to intake, organize, assign, and complete requests. Custom Fields can also be utilized in Request Forms. When creating a form, you can add any of the custom fields that have been created. By using Custom Fields users gain the ultimate control over requests, empowering them to never miss another detail. Please Note: If you are a Marketing Suite user, please contact your Customer Service Manager to add Request Forms to your plan.

Available in: Marketing Calendar, Marketing Suite