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Schedule First Comments On Facebook, X, LinkedIn, & Instagram

May 3, 2024

Wish you could boost engagement on your social messages? Try CoSchedule's newest feature - First Comment Scheduling!  Coschedule's First Comment Examples Now you can schedule the first comment on any Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter posts directly from your CoSchedule Calendar.

Why First Comment Matters

When it comes to creating social messages, you want to make sure your content stands out. With First Comment, you can! Here’s how: Engage Instantly With New Messages - Jumpstart the conversation on your posts and grab the algorithm's attention by instantly posting the first comment as soon as your message publishes. Image of Love Always Floral using First Comment Add Important Details Without Cluttering Your Captions - Keep your main post content clean by adding hashtags or other additional details in the first comment.  Image of Kay Jewelers using first comment for hashtags Boost Visibility Of Your New Messages - Increase your post's reach and engagement by leveraging strategic first comments.

Seamless Integration with Your Favorite Platforms

Best of all, CoSchedule Calendars have First Comment available for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, so you can schedule your first comment along with your social media messages. Want to try First Comment scheduling? Login to your Calendar to schedule your “first” First Comment.  Or create a Free CoSchedule Calendar today to get started. It's free forever.  Get started now and see the impact on your social media presence.

Available in: Social Calendar, Content Calendar, Marketing Suite