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Headline Studio Integration: Analyze Headlines 10x Faster

October 14, 2021

Connect the New Headline Studio Integration to gain 5x more headline feedback to improve your headlines.

CoSchedule’s Headline Studio is now in Marketing Calendar and Marketing Suite! This integration replaces the previous basic headline analyzer. Now you will be able to have the full Headline Studio experience within your marketing calendar. 

Once you connect the Headline Studio integration, you can confidently create headlines that drive maximum traffic, engagement, & SEO rankings without ever leaving a project on your calendar.

  • Analyze headlines 10x faster without leaving the project you’re working on or opening Headline Studio in a new tab. 
  • Gain 5x more headline feedback as you draft new headlines with advanced copy analysis from thousands of key data points. 
  • Outperform competing headlines by making suggested changes that boost your headline score before you hit publish. 
  • And feel confident that every headline you write is optimized for traffic, clicks, & shares. 

Not only can Headline Studio now be accessed directly from your marketing calendar it can also be accessed directly from WordPress. 

To get started, go to the integrations page in your setting to enable Headline Studio. Once enabled, all past headlines scored using Headline Analyzer will get moved into the Headline Studio integration. Only owners & administrators will be able to enable the integration. Users must contact their owner/admin to add the integration. Once connected you will be able to add the headline attachment to a project. Then click analyze to get meaningful data on how to improve your headline. If you already have a HS account, your account will be connected. If you don’t have a Headline Studio account, once you enable the integration, an account will automatically be created.

Click here for more information on the new Headline Studio Integration.

Available in: Marketing Calendar, Marketing Suite