Product Announcements

Train Hire Mia On Your Brand Voice With New Brand Profiles

March 21, 2024

Now you can create better on-brand content with Hire Mia’s newest feature, Brand Profiles! With Brand Profiles, you can train Mia to learn and write in your brand voice.  Ready to create on-brand content? Let Hire Mia analyze your brand voice! All you need is a link! Hire Mia analyzes your content to better learn your brand voice and messaging for future content.   With Brand Profiles, you can:
  • Train Hire Mia based on the content on your website, blog, or social profile. 
  • Hone Mia’s ability to maintain brand voice and consistent messaging. 
  • Add content creation rules to avoid buzzwords, repetitive sentence structure, and other common AI-generated content complaints. 
  • Add word and phrase exclusions to avoid words or phrases you can’t or shouldn’t use in your content. 
  • And so much more!
Best of all, you can continue to fine-tune your Brand Voice settings to perfect Mia’s writing voice, style, and tone. Brand Profiles can be customized and fine-tuned using: 
  • Content Creation Rules 
  • Word & Phrase Exclusions
  • Focus & Common Themes
  • Voice Summary
  • Important Brand Phrases & Statements
  • Writing Style Guidelines 
  • Brand Sound Tuner
  • And more! 
If you have more than one brand, no problem! You can add multiple brand profiles to fit your company’s needs. You can choose which Brand Profile to use when you create new content. Already using Hire Mia? Set up your Brand Profile today!  Want to try using Hire Mia? Set up a free account Multiple Brand Profiles & additional settings are available in Paid Plans.

Available in: Hire Mia Creator, Hire Mia Professional, Hire Mia Agency, Hire Mia Business