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Introducing File Uploads: Upgrade Your Content Workflows Using AI

May 24, 2024

Hire Mia just got smarter. File Uploads are now available in Hire Mia, CoSchedule’s AI-Writing Assistant.  Hire Mia can process and understand the context within your documents to transform how you research, summarize, and analyze content with AI.   You can use Hire Mia’s new File Uploads to: 

Summarize Content In Seconds 

Imagine if there was an easier way to consume research reports, case studies, and white papers?  Now you can summarize long-form PDFs and other documents using Hire Mia’s File Uploads. Upload your PDF and ask Hire Mia to summarize the content to get a highlight of the key points without having to deep dive into filler content. 

Streamline Your Research Process

Upload your research data or survey feedback, and watch as Hire Mia sifts through the information to highlight crucial insights, accelerating your research process like never before. Tell Hire Mia how to incorporate the attached file into your content creation.  

Repurpose Content To Maximize Content Output

Maximize the value of your existing content by easily repurposing it into new, fresh formats that resonate with your audience.  Upload brochures, tear sheets, or other existing content, and Hire Mia can create new variations of it for email, social media, and more. This helps you leverage existing assets to scale your content output with less effort.  Hire Mia will read your uploaded file before creating new content.

How It Works 

  1. Upload Your Document - Upload existing documents in chat. Compatible with PDF, DOCX, & XLS files. 
  2. Ask Mia For Help - Mia can reference the content to generate, improve, or repurpose content you upload. 
  3. Generate Content & Suggestions - Hire Mia streamlines your research and content creation process using your existing documents. 
And best of all, your files remain private. The content you upload is used solely to customize outputs and responses within Hire MIa and is never shared or used to train the LLM for other users.  Don’t let a 50-page report slow you down. Let AI read it and answer your questions, so you can focus on strategic work. Ready to use File Uploads?  Create a free Hire Mia account to try it today. Or login to get started.

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