Product Announcements

Hire Mia Launches New Referral Program For All Self-Serve Plans

May 27, 2024

Hire Mia’s Referral Program is now live! Users with Free, Creator, or Professional plans can share their custom referral link to earn a 10% subscription discount for each paying customer they refer. Getting started is easy: First, log into your Hire Mia account and navigate to the Subscription page. From there, you can access your Savings page, where you'll find your custom referral link. Share your link with anyone who could benefit from Hire Mia and start saving today!

Get Quick Access To All Your Discounts

The Savings page offers a quick overview of all your discounts and referral sharing options. If you are a CoSchedule multi-product user, CoSchedule’s Referral Program is unified across all apps, including eligible CoSchedule Calendars, Headline Studio, and Hire Mia. Here’s how you can use your referral link to start saving:
  • Share On Social Media: Post your referral link to your social media accounts. This is the easiest way to earn referral credit!
  • Invite By Email: Use the email share option to email your referral link directly from the app.
  • Include The Link On Your Website: Add your link to a graphic you embed on your website to get referral credits from your readers.
  • Add To Your Email Signature: Place your referral link into your email signature and get referral credits from friends you email.

Bonus: Publish A Review For The Biggest Savings

Create a blog post or video review of Hire Mia and save 50% for an entire year. Add your referral link to save even more. Visit the Savings page on your account to learn more about Hire Mia’s Review Program.

Start Saving Today

Head over to your Hire Mia account to grab your custom link, get answers to common questions, and access Referral and Review Program resources. Discount is eligible for self-serve plans only, which includes Free, Creator & Professional. For questions, contact our support team at

Available in: Hire Mia Creator, Hire Mia Professional, Hire Mia Free