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Enforce Style Guide Rules With Hire Mia’s New AI Training Module

May 15, 2024

Wish you had more control over style and writing rules across AI-generated content? Now you can! Introducing Hire Mia's newest Training Module - Style Guide. Add Style Guide to your Brand Profiles in Hire Mia to create content that adheres to popular style guides and company defined rules for content creation. With Style Guide, you can:

Adhere To Popular Style Guide Rules

Specific industries and professions - like Academics, Sciences, and Journalists - follow specific Style Guide rules when creating content. Hire Mia's Style Guide module lets you choose from a list of widely recognized style guides like AP, Chicago, MLA, and APA to create content that aligns with industry standards.

Define Custom Writing Guidelines For AI-Generated Content

You can build a custom Style Guide based on your preferences for formatting headlines, numbers, dates, punctuation, and more! Style Guide uses these rules to generate new content that meets your personal (and company) standards.

Consistency and Efficiency

When you add Style Guide to your Brand Profile, your brand's writing style remains consistent across all content you create from blog posts to social media messages. Hire Mia's Style Guide fast-tracks the editing and review process, ensuring better accuracy and efficiency for our users. Hire Mia Chat Editor with Style Guide Module reviewed content

Key Style Guide Features

  • Real-Time Brand Alignment: Instantly apply your style guide rules as you create content.
  • Customizable Rules: Tailor the AI to understand and enforce your unique brand standards.
  • Collaborative Editing: Empower your team to produce cohesive content with shared guidelines.
Marketers from small businesses to large enterprises will love using Style Guide to help improve the quality of their AI-generated content. Ready to bring unmatched consistency to your brand's messaging? Create your free Hire Mia account today. Already have an account? Style Guide is available in Pro, Business, & Company Plans. Login to try it today.

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