Product Announcements

Introducing CoSchedule’s New Content Calendar: The Most Powerful Calendar Software For Marketing Teams

July 31, 2023

CoSchedule’s new Content Calendar is here! Optimize your marketing strategy and make the most of your team’s work with our newest calendar software for marketing teams. With Content Calendar, you can now do it all, from seamlessly planning your marketing schedule to executing work at lightning speed. Content Calendar is made for all of your workflow needs.  

Get Total Visibility Of Your Content Strategy

You can now see all of your content, campaigns, and events on a customizable Calendar. Be proactive - not reactive - with your marketing strategy. Plan your content weeks, months, or quarters in advance.  

View Projects in Multiple Formats

Kanban View: Use your Kanban Board to field requests, earn stakeholder buy-in before execution, and save ideas without impacting your current work schedule. Table View: With Table View, you can see a spreadsheet-style layout of upcoming deadlines. You can sort projects by priority level, company objectives, upcoming deadlines, & other key data to prioritize the right work at the right time. Saved Calendar Views: Use advanced filters to create custom calendars for emails, blog posts, internal departments, or specific team members, and more!

Increase Productivity And Meet Project Deadlines Every Time

Consistently meet deadlines every time. Track your team’s progress on any project or campaign at a glance to make sure everything is completed and approved before publishing. Spend less time coordinating tasks and more time completing them. With time-saving project management features, marketing teams can create up to 10x more content.  Easily track your team’s progress at a glance to ensure everything is completed and approved before publishing so you never miss a deadline again. Organize all your marketing in one place with Content Calendar. Click here to learn more!  

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