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Visualize Your Planned Work AND Work In Progress With New Kanban Board

June 11, 2024

Introducing the brand new Kanban Board - available in Content Calendar & Marketing Suite. Kanban Board is designed to streamline your workflows, offering a single, seamless experience for managing all your scheduled and unscheduled work in a single view.

Manage Work Through Every Stage Of The Creative Process

Our Kanban Board is your pulse on the projects that matter. It enables you to effortlessly coordinate each phase of the creative process, from ideation to writing, design, review, and beyond. With the Kanban Board, you can:
  • Earn stakeholder buy-in while strategically prioritizing upcoming tasks
  • Save ideas flexibly without locking them to specific calendar dates
  • Manage scheduled projects alongside last minute requests
And that's just the beginning! CoSchedule Kanban Board

Oversee Your Team's Workflow with Ease

Keep a real-time check on your team's work in progress. Our Kanban Board's custom statuses allow you to tailor your project pipeline for real-time updates on all tasks. Use it to:
  • Prioritize projects efficiently
  • Delegate new tasks with clarity 
  • Spot bottlenecks in your process early on
  • Optimize productivity by adjusting timelines proactively

Real-Time Reporting: Keep Your Marketing Goals on Track

With the Kanban Board, you can create read-only views of your boards to share progress with stakeholders or clients transparently, keeping them informed without the need for constant meetings.  Read-only kanban board sharing These views highlight the current stage of each request and can be customized with filters for Sub-Calendars, color labels, and more. 

Enhanced Efficiency: Experience the New Kanban Board as an Existing CoSchedule Customer

For existing CoSchedule customers, your Idea Board simply got a makeover! This makeover will change your “Idea Board” to your new “Kanban Board”.  Unscheduled projects in Kanban Board All of your “idea statuses” will automatically transition to “unscheduled statuses”.  Don’t worry, all saved views in your Idea Board automatically transfer to your Kanban Board for you to continue working on. Reach out to Support for any questions or assistance needed.  Ready to experience a new level of organized efficiency? Get a Demo of the new Kanban Board today! 

Available in: Content Calendar, Marketing Suite