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Marketing Campaign Templates: Create Custom Templates To Quickly Build Out New Campaigns

December 2, 2020

Marketing Campaign Templates are now available in CoSchedule’s Marketing Suite.  Marketing campaigns have a lot of moving pieces to manage. Tasks, events, social promotion, emails, landing pages, and other important projects need to come together at the right time in order for them to be successful. 

With Marketing Campaign Templates, you can create entire multi-project campaigns in just a few clicks. 

Add & customize timelines, projects, tasks, files, promotional social messages, and other key details to any Marketing Campaign Template.  This gives you a reusable, streamlined process & promotional timeline for any new campaign.  With Marketing Campaign Templates, you can get new campaigns into production in just a few seconds. So you’ll spend less time coordinating projects and more time executing them. 

Save Any Existing Marketing Campaign As A Reusable Template

Best of all, getting started is simple!  Instead of creating Marketing Campaign Templates from scratch, you can save any existing marketing campaign on your calendar as a template. 

Not sure what types of Marketing Campaign Templates you should create? 

You can create, manage, customize, and edit any of your templates in Settings.  Here are a few examples of marketing campaigns you may want to create templates for: 
  • Promotional Email Marketing Campaigns
  • PR Campaigns
  • Product Launches 
  • Webinars 
  • Events 
  • And more! 
Contact your CSM to get a personalized demo on how to create Marketing Campaign Templates that work for you & your team. Or visit our Help Doc to learn more about creating & customizing your own Marketing Campaign Templates.  **Marketing campaign Templates are only available for Marketing Suite customers. **Only Admins & Owners can create Marketing Campaign Templates. If you’d like to use Marketing Campaign Templates, reach out to your team’s CoSchedule administrator for assistance.

Available in: Marketing Suite