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Master AI Marketing: Join CoSchedule’s Newest AMI Course

May 14, 2024

Actionable Marketing Institute just launched a new Intro to AI for Marketers course to help individuals and teams integrate AI into their marketing toolkit. The course covers everything you need to know about AI for marketing, including, marketing AI best practices, prompt writing, which tools to use, and ethical AI practices. It comes equipped with 9 hands-on video tutorials and lessons to help you use AI to elevate your marketing strategy and drive results.

Get Actionable Insight Into How You Can Start Using AI Today

Don't miss out on harnessing the power ofAI for your marketing campaigns. Discover actionable strategies and insights to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape.

Integrate AI Into Your Marketing Process Understand the foundational concepts of AI and how to select tools that best fit your marketing strategy, enabling you to integrate AI seamlessly into your marketing operations for better performance and efficiency. Master AI Prompt Writing Gain the expertise to craft compelling AI prompts that generate high-quality content in order to drive engagement and provide value to your audience. Employ Ethical AI Practices Learn the importance of ethics and privacy in AI marketing to build trust with your audience. Ensure your AI implementations uphold industry standards and reinforce your brand's commitment to responsible marketing practices.

What will you learn in this Intro To AI For Marketers course?

Here’s a lineup of the courses you can look forward to:
  • Learn The Basics Of AI For Marketers
  • AI at Work: Practical Insights for Marketers
  • How To Choose The Best AI Marketing Tool
  • Examples Of Popular AI Marketing Tools
  • AI Prompt Writing For Marketers
  • Put Prompt Writing Into Practice
  • Create AI-Generated Content for Ideation, Planning & Research
  • Creating, Editing & Repurposing Content Using AI
  • Ethics and Privacy in AI Marketing
Enhance your marketing with AI: Learn the essentials, choose the right tools, write effective prompts & create content like a pro. Learn more about the course and enroll today!

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