Product Announcements

Meet Hire Mia: A Completely New AI-Writing Experience

February 20, 2024

CoSchedule is excited to announce a brand new product - Hire Mia. Hire Mia is a completely new AI-Writing Assistant designed to help you multiply your creative output. You can try Hire Mia free today Test drive the world’s first Collaborative AI-editor.   With Hire Mia you can: 

Automatically Create Content As You Chat 

Hire Mia is a collaborative AI Writing Assistant. As you chat, Mia instantly creates content you can perfect and polish in an AI-powered Text Editor. 

Create Multiple Deliverables At Once

Most marketing initiatives are not “one and done.” Mia creates multiple assets at once, so you can make changes across projects in the same document group.

Access Over 500+ Marketer-Approved AI Prompts

Hire Mia has an extensive library of marketer-tested AI prompts to help you generate better first-draft results. Access prompts for idea generation, SEO, blogging and more!It’s easy to create content with fill-in-the-blank style prompt templates. Once you submit your prompt, Mia will start generating your content. 

Keep Your Data Safe & Secure

Other AI platforms and LLMs use your data, Mia doesn’t. Unlike ChatGPt, our AI Editor and Chat solutions keep your content and chat history secure.

Collaborate With Your Team & AI 

Invite your team to create, edit, & collaborate on AI-generated content. Revision and chat history keep everyone in-the-know on work in progress.    New to AI? It’s time to try a completely new way to scale your marketing - Hire Mia today!

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