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Recurring Project Templates: Automatically Add Repeating Projects To Your Calendar

October 20, 2020

*Featured in Work Organizer, available in CoSchedule Marketing Suite. Now you can set any project template on a recurring schedule to instantly add repeating projects to your calendar.  Gone are the days of duplicating projects or creating new projects from scratch. Instead, add repeating projects to your calendar automatically. Simplify your process by setting your Project Templates on a recurring schedule.  CoSchedule will add these repeating projects to your calendar for you - saving you tons of time on project management & planning.  Recurring projects are perfect for your weekly webinars, monthly newsletters, or quarterly reporting tasks.  Recurring Schedule on Project Templates Set a recurring schedule for any Project Template to add new projects to your calendar at the perfect frequency. 
  • Daily 
  • Weekly 
  • Monthly 
  • Quarterly 
  • Or Yearly
Ready to set your project templates on a recurring schedule? Contact your CSM to get a personalized demo. For more inspiration & best practices for using Project Templates, check out this helpful Power Tip.  **Recurring project templates are only available for Marketing Suite customers. 

Available in: Marketing Suite