Product Announcements

Saved Views: Edit & Create New Saved Views From Dropdown Navigation

October 3, 2019

Now you can easily search for, edit, and create new saved views from the dropdown navigation.  These latest updates allow you to: 
  1. Search for Saved Views: If you have a lot of saved views, use the search bar to find the saved view you want to see quickly. 
  2. Edit Saved Views: Easily make updates to your current saved views. To edit an existing saved view, hover over your saved view and click the pencil icon.
  3. Create New Saved Views: Want to create a new saved view on the fly? Now you have access to “Create New Saved View” from the dropdown, too! 
Jump into your Marketing Calendar to give it a try.  Or check-out Power Tips to learn best practices for Saved Views in CoSchedule.  

Available in: Growth, Professional, Enterprise