Product Announcements

Boost Your Social Engagement With Easy Tagging & Mentioning

June 26, 2024

Tagging and mentioning individuals and businesses in your social posts has never been easier with a new enhancement to the Social Composer. This update offers a user-friendly interface to ensure you’re tagging the correct profiles. Tagging allows you to directly engage with customers, collaborators, and influencers, increasing the visibility of your posts. With our enhanced social mentions, you can now:
  • Quickly tag profiles with a user-friendly interface
  • Ensure accurate mentions with real-time profile suggestions
  • Boost your posts' reach by connecting with a wider audience
Experience the difference today and elevate your social media strategy with CoSchedule Calendar. Tag, mention, and engage with confidence! For more information on social mentions and tagging, check out our Support Doc:

Available in: Free Calendar, Social Calendar, Content Calendar, Marketing Suite, Agency Calendar