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Social Analytics & Social Sync Return To Marketing Calendar & Marketing Suite Plans

July 10, 2023

Social Sync and Social Analytics have returned to CoSchedule Marketing Calendar Products! CoSchedule's social analytics reporting simplifies the process of collecting data and identifying trends from your social publishing, saving you valuable time and effort. With Social Sync you can track and measure every social message, regardless of whether it was scheduled using CoSchedule or not. So if you post something outside of your Calendar (i.e. natively or via another social tool), CoSchedule's Marketing Calendar or Suite will pull in all your published social messages onto one centralized platform. Social Analytics provides you with an easily understandable report to fuel your social strategy in seconds. You can break a report down by overall engagement, specific campaigns, and even specific platforms to see what works best for your team. There are a variety of different reports you can use to gain insights on different channels and analytics.  
  • Social Engagement Report - This report allows users to get a high-level overview of your entire social strategy. You can also dive in deeper using filters like social profiles, project types, tags, and color labels. This allows you to build reports that are specific to your initiatives, stakeholders, or clients.
  • Social Campaign Report - Use the Social Campaign Report to measure the success of specific campaigns and initiatives.  Social Campaign Reports are often used to share the impact of social media in meetings or compare various campaigns to each other.
  • Social Profile Report - Social Media algorithms are always changing, this report allows you to analyze each profile what times, days, and message types work best for your channels.
  • Social Message Analytics - Social Engagement Analytics will be tracked for messages scheduled to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Users can use this information to make small changes to their promotion schedule for better results. 
Click here to learn more about CoSchedule’s social media features. Reports will be based on data collected on the release date, Thursday, July 6, 2023. Twitter reporting is not included in free plans. If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team at

Available in: Marketing Calendar, Marketing Suite