Product Announcements

Sub-Calendar Views: Create Calendars With Custom Team Permissions

January 25, 2021

Power-up new Sub-Calendar Views to instantly create a custom calendar for every color label on your calendar.  Customize your team members’ individual permissions for each calendar and gain more control over who sees what.  

Create Custom Sub-Calendars For Every Color Label

You use Color Labels to organize your campaigns & projects by service lines, internal departments, and/or product lines.  Power-Up your Sub-Calendar Views in settings, and you’ll generate a custom calendar for each of these important color labels on your calendar.  Making it easy to visualize (and share) each product line, service line, or internal department on its own custom calendar! 

Define Team Member Permissions By Sub-Calendar View For More Control 

Then use your Sub-Calendar Views to get more control over your team’s access to specific projects and campaigns.  Simply update each team member’s access to specific Sub-Calendar Views in Team Settings. Your users will only be able to add, edit, and create content within the Sub-Calendar views you choose.  Sub-Calendar Views are available in the latest Marketing Suite plans. Want to start using Sub-Calendar Views? Contact your CSM to get started. Or visit your Power-Ups to add Sub-Calendar Views to your Marketing Suite today. 

Available in: Marketing Suite