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YouTube Shorts Integration Now Available In CoSchedule Calendars

December 5, 2023

Now you can plan, schedule, and publish YouTube Shorts from your CoSchedule Calendar.  With YouTube Shorts, you can engage with your audience on YouTube via vertical, short-form video content. Videos on YouTube Shorts are less than 60 seconds long. CoSchedule’s new YouTube Shorts integration is available in all Calendar plans. Connect YouTube Shorts to your CoSchedule Calendar, and you can: 

Plan Your Entire Social Strategy In A Single Calendar

Our new integration allows you to plan your short-form video content in advance, alongside your other posts, in one convenient calendar. This now includes YouTube Shorts, Facebook Reels, Instagram Stories, and TikTok videos. 

Optimize YouTube Shorts Videos Without Leaving Your Calendar

When you publish videos to YouTube Shorts, you can customize your title, tags, categories, and other key meta data without leaving your CoSchedule Calendar.

Post YouTube Shorts At The Perfect Time

Say goodbye to manual scheduling. Utilize our best time scheduling feature to automatically post your Shorts at optimal times for engagement.

Craft Instant Attention-Grabbing Captions 

Overcome writer’s block with CoSchedule’s AI-powered Social Assistant to write captions for your videos in seconds.

Review And Approve New YouTube Shorts Before They Go Live

Add tasks to create seamless video reviews and approvals, ensuring your content quality before publishing.  Ready to try CoSchedule’s new YouTube Short integration.  Getting Started is a breeze: 
  1. Connect the YouTube Integration in Social Settings.
  2. Create your video.
  3. Schedule your video.
  4. Let your CoSchedule Calendar Handle the Rest!
Simplify your social media management process. Bring together all your social channels with CoSchedule’s Social Calendar. Learn more in our support doc. Login to your Calendar to connect your YouTube account to start scheduling videos today!  Or create your Free Calendar to start scheduling YouTube Shorts along with the rest of your social messages (and projects) in a single tool. 

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