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What The Custom Post Status…?


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This week we finalized the CoPilots program, and have assembled the select group who will participate. We also set our first topic of discussion – custom post statuses.

There has been a lot of drama around the office about this one. A few passionate debates, to be sure, and once again we are going to be leaving the final decision to you. What on earth should we do about custom post statuses?

Do you need them? Do you want them? Do you even care?

This is what we want to find out.

What Is A Custom Post Status?

To review, a custom post status is basically a status that can be assigned to any post. Traditionally, we all start with three possible statuses in WordPress: ‘draft’, ‘pending review’, and ‘publish.’

custom post statuses

Default post status types. Look familiar?

However, many plugins (good and bad) have allowed users to create their own statuses willy-nilly as a way to customize their workflow. For example, some post status menus look like this:

edit flow custom post statuses

A customized status menu. More options are better, right?

Based on the list above, you can imagine how an editor, or writing team, may use these statuses to communicate the current stage of a blog post. In theory it makes sense, but we have heard conflicting reports on the utility of custom post statuses. Many of you have mentioned your dislike for them, and we understand. When planning requires too many decisions, we often respond by not making any at all.

Do you share this sentiment? Are custom post statuses more of a nuisance than a convenience? Could much of that information be communicated through a powerful comments section?

How Do You Use Them? 

We will be asking our CoPilots how they use custom post statuses this week, and probably again next week. We would love to hear, and debate, how they should be utilized in our upcoming release. We are counting on you to make your voice heard on this one, so please don’t be shy.

Do you use custom post statuses? How do you communicate the status of a post with your team? 

Please let us know by taking the survey, and sharing your thoughts in the comments section.

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