Before Henry Ford made the Model T, he made the Model A, the Model B, the Model C, and everything on up until the Model T.


He also didn’t stop there.

Ford made new car after new car until his death in 1947. Each one was an iteration, and each one better than the one before. Is it saying too much that we are trying to do the same thing with CoSchedule?

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Last week, we rolled out the calendar to our CoPilots users, and are looking forward to some early feedback from them. Before most of you get access to it, the CoSchedule editorial calendar will be a Model E or F. Perhaps even T. It is a process of iteration, constant improvement, and feedback of user behavior.

Even on launch day, we don’t stop iteration. We are committed to building this well.

I am in the middle of an excellent biography about the life and career of Henry Ford. It is fascinating, and it has me thinking about his process in nearly every situation as we build CoSchedule. I can’t help but compare his process to our own, even if we are years and industries apart. It is encouraging to see what persistence and a commitment to the craft can do.

Now we just need an assembly line.