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Tasks & Comments For Social Messages [New Features]


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Great news, there are two exciting new features now available on your CoSchedule calendar!


Tasks for Social Messages

You can now assign tasks to your team on individual social messages, giving you a full social media approval workflow. This should help both teams and individuals improve their efficiency and never miss an assignment. This way, you can use the same process for your individual social messages that you already enjoy for blog posts.

Need approval before sending? Now you’ve got it!

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Comments for Social Messages

These features also allow you to create comments on individual social messages, and communicate with your team with ease. We know how important communication is, especially when you’re working with¬†a team.

Now,¬†communicating with your team has never been easier. Whether it’s a quick reminder or a discussion of social media marketing ideas, the conversation amongst team-members can flow better than ever.

All-in-all, we are thrilled to get these two new features out there. There are a few more things just like this in the works, so stay tuned for more updates.

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