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The State Of Filtering


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Last week, we asked you how you wanted to filter your CoSchedule editorial calendar. This week, we are putting your feedback into practice, and we are finishing the calendar. That means that we will soon be entering a new phase of our beta program (woohoo!!), and it also means that we have some interesting results to share.

In the survey, we asked three big questions:

  1. What are the top three ways that you would like to sort/filter your editorial calendar?
  2. If you had to pick only one, which filtering option is the most important?
  3. Briefly tell us how you would use filtering on your editorial calendar.

The results were interesting.

calendar filtering chart 1

First, you¬†definitely¬†want a lot of filtering options! From these results, we felt that there was no ‘one trick pony’ when it came to calendar filtering. Everyone has a slightly different approach to how they schedule, and we are going to need a system that is fairly¬†flexible without making anything too complex. Most calendars require you to make way too many decisions. How can we avoid that while giving you steady control?

Another interesting finding from the survey was the importance of blog categories. Previous feedback suggested that blog categories were not all that important to you, so we are certainly glad we asked again.

When we asked which one option was the absolute most important, the results were a bit different.

editorial calendar filtering

So you want a social calendar, eh? Blog categories? I love this clear feedback.

One thing that we were left wondering was what is the difference between an author and a team member? I know how we would answer that question, but how would you? If you have some thoughts on this, please leave them in the comments. We would be glad to hear.

Always Worth Asking

In many ways, the results of last week’s survey were not surprising. You may wonder, though, why we bother with such a survey? The reason is for clarity more than anything. Without a good feedback loop, the assumptions that we make about how you want to use our product will always be assumptions. How can we ever know if we are guessing correctly? We made major changes to our filtering methods based on this feedback. As a team, we can occasionally¬†overthink¬†problems that you make simple.

In short, feedback like this is a huge win for all of us. We get a better picture on what we need to build, and you get a better product. So, thank you for participating. If you have any additional thoughts to add, please throw them in the comments of this post.

Current Design Mockups

Based on all of that, here is where filtering stands right now.

coschedule editorial calendar for bloggers

You can see that filtering by categories, social profiles, and authors will be¬†completely¬†possible. Not only will you be able to toggle individual categories or social accounts, but you will also be able to disable all of them as a whole. We are taking the approach that all filters are ‘on’ by default. If necessary, you can slowly exclude posts as needed.

Of course this is just a design comp so there are some nuances here that won’t be figured out until we start bolting things together with code. Hopefully you can get a good idea of where we are going.

Pretty exciting, we think. How does it look to you?

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