Top Posts, New Notifications and Headline Analyzer

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Top Posts, Better Notifications, and Headline Analyzer [New Features]


Headline Analyzer

The blog post headline analyzer will score your overall headline quality and rate its ability to result in social shares, increased traffic, and SEO value.

Test every headline before you publish. Try the Headline Analyzer »

We’ve been hard at work on a couple new features and a brand-new tool to help you view your top posts, stay connected with email, and write better headlines.

Top Posts

Ever wonder what your top performing posts are? Now it’s even easier¬†to see which posts¬†are shared the most with an at-a-glance feature in CoSchedule.

An update for the top posts feature helps you sort by author and extended timelines like the past 30 days or even a full year.

calendar top posts


Once you know your top posts, you can do a couple things to maximize that content:

  • Share those posts again. Since they were popular, it’s a good bet that you can share them a little more to get more shares and traffic.
  • Figure out what made those posts successful and piggyback off that success:
    • Was it the topic?
    • Was it the post type?
    • Was it your unique perspective?

Once you know what’s been successful, you have a little more direction on what to keep on doing.

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Better Email Notifications With Option To Reply To Comments

The email notifications you receive from CoSchedule are now improved, too.

A popular request was the ability to reply to an email to comment into CoSchedule. We listened. When you receive an email after someone assigns you a task or leaves a comment, now you can reply to the email to leave a comment back.

Also, emails now send from the name of the people who assign tasks or leave comments. The emails also have links to view posts in CoSchedule.

New notifications send from a person, have a link to the post in CoSchedule, and provide the opportunity to leave a comment.

New notifications send from a person, have a link to the post in CoSchedule, and provide the opportunity to leave a comment.

Headline Analyzer

While it’s not a new feature in CoSchedule, we also wanted to let you know about a new free tool we’ve developed to help you write awesome headlines.

Try the new headline analyzer to increase your traffic, shares, and search results.

free headline analyzer

write better headlines with this free headline analyzer

The headline analyzer will help you:

  1. Use headline types that get the most traction for social shares, traffic, and search engine ranking.
  2. Make sure you have the right word balance to write readable headlines that command attention.
  3. See the best word and character length for search engines like Google and email subject lines, while also seeing how your readers will scan your headlines.

Try The Free Headline Analyzer Now

Also, check out the post we wrote if you’re interested in the science the headline analyzer uses to help you write better headlines.

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