Product Announcements

Use New Link In Bio To Drive Traffic To Popular Links On Instagram And TikTok

May 15, 2024

Wish it was easier to share links on Instagram? Sick of changing out the link at the top of your profile every time you post something new? Today's your lucky day. Introducing CoSchedule's newest feature - Link In Bio! Use Link In Bio to share links to your product pages, blog, job openings, and other important URLs on your Instagram and TikTok accounts.  Link In Bio Page by CoSchedule Send More Social Media Traffic To Your Website Give your followers an easy button. Instead of forcing them to manually type a URL, you can give them a quick link to your website using Link In Bio. Drive More Sales From Instagram And TikTok Adding a Link In Bio to your products makes it easier for your audience to find (and purchase) them. Turn link clicks into conversions by directly selling to your customers. Highlight Your Top Pages And Resources Have links you keep sharing again and again via DMs? Add them to your Link In Bio to direct followers to helpful resources and valuable content. Enable Link In Bio on your Social Profile Settings in CoSchedule.  Enable link in bio in CoSchedule Need help setting it up? Here's a link to the Support Doc or contact for assistance. Ready to schedule your social messages in advance - including Link In Bio updates? Create your free CoSchedule Calendar to get started today.

Available in: Free Calendar, Social Calendar, Content Calendar, Marketing Suite