Link in Bio

Learn how to use CoSchedule's Link in Bio Page. This feature creates a page to host links you share on a TikTok business account or an Instagram creator or business account. Add the page link to your bio so your followers can see your shared links in one place.

How to Enable Link in Bio Feature

  1. From your calendar, open Settings
  2. Click Social Profiles
  3. Under an Instagram or TikTok social profile toggle to enable Link in Bio Page (this feature is only available in business TikTok accounts and creator or business Instagram accounts)
  4. Copy the URL and add it to the bio section in Instagram or TikTok
  5. Once enabled, there will be an option to Add to Link in Bio when scheduling an Instagram or TikTok social message

How to Add a Link

  1. In an Instagram or TikTok social message, toggle Add to Link in Bio
  2. If you've already entered a URL into the text field of your social message, it will automatically populate the link field that opens
  3. If not, enter your URL in the field that opens
  4. Once the social message has been published the link will appear on your Link in Bio Page

How to Change or Remove a Link

Links added with the Link in Bio feature cannot be modified from your read-only Link in Bio Page. Instead, they can be changed or removed directly from the published social message where you added the URL.
  1. Locate the social message with the link you'd like to modify on your calendar
  2. Click to open the social message
  3. To edit a link, click the pencil icon.  Link updates will auto-save as you type unless the URL is invalid.
  4. If you'd like to remove the link from your page, click the trash icon and it will no longer appear on your Link in Bio Page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which types of social profiles can I use with this feature?

TikTok business accounts and Instagram business or creator accounts. Personal TikTok and Instagram accounts are not supported.

How do I add the page link to my Instagram bio?

Instagram provides instructions on this page.

How do I add the page link to my TikTok bio?

You must be in a TikTok business account. When editing your profile, click add a website and paste your page link.

Can I use the same page for multiple social profiles?

No. You'll need to enable the Link in Bio feature for each social profile, then add that specific URL to the bio within that social account.

What if I use a different service?

At this time we do not integrate with other Link in Bio providers. The feature we offer is specific to CoSchedule and the page with your list of links is hosted by CoSchedule.

Can I modify how my link page looks or change the order of my links?

No. The page displaying your links is read-only and the links will appear in the order they were added.

What happens to my Link in Bio Page if my social profile disconnects or is deleted from my calendar?

The Link in Bio Page will still exist, but you will lose access to it. Once you reconnect the social profile to your calendar it will reconnect to the same page.